Utrogestan 200mg

Utrogestan 200 mg is a gelatine capsule which is taken in orally or for vaginal use only. Progesterone is a female hormone which is produced in female sexual part called ovaries. It is quite important for the regulation of ovulation and menstruation. Buy Utrogestan in UK online at Fairvaluepharmacy

Progesterone is the hormone to help the lady to have a proper and a healthy pregnancy, lack of progesterone can cause premature birth of the baby.
In women who are not pregnant and have not gone through menopause, then the is used Utrogestan 200mg in the following cases.
  •  Restoring the menstrual periods to normal they might  have stopped for several months or having some delays for last few months (amenorrhea)
  •  Treating abnormal bleeding / hot flashes going on for past few weeks from the uterus that is due to low hormone levels
  •  Treating endometriosis
Utrogestan 200mg on FairValuePharmacy.co.uk is manufactured by Besins Pharmaceuticals, Belgium. It is a branded medication.
This drug’s composition is exactly the same as Prometrium in the
Utrogestan 200mg packaging:
Prometrium in Europe is called Utrogestan 200mg even though it is the same drug made by the same manufacturer Besins Healthcare. Prometrium 200mg is packaged in boxes of is packaged in 15 caspules per strip , Utrogestan 200mg is packaged in boxes of 14 capsules:
There are other alternative Progesterone to the Utrogestan 200mg is available:


We are offering you the European Pack for Utrogestan 200mg with 14 Tablets per sealed box. Having 2 strips of Gelatine Progesterone Pills. Each strip has 7 Capsules.

Utrogestan UK at Fairvaluepharmacy

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